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Information Required by Relatives or Friends of
People who served in the Air Transport Auxiliary 1939/45

A message regarding the above can be left here

Barbara Cripps 3rd Officer ATA

The daughter of Barbara Cripps is looking for any photographs or information regarding her mother who flew for the Air Transport Auxiliary.  Barbara Cripps was third officer with the ATA from 14/06/1943 to 30/09/1945, and was mentioned in Forgotten Pilots by Lettice Curtis.  Barbara married Derek Arthur Rivers Cripps, who also flew for the ATA from June 1941 to December 1944.  Sue her daughter moved house recently, and a box containing her mothers ATA log books, newspaper cuttings, photographs and lots more have gone missing.  If you see any log books for sale, or photographs regarding Barbara Cripps please let me know as soon as possible by contacting me at  and I will forward the information to Sue.

ATA Stories
If you have a story about the Air Transport Auxiliary, pilots, engineers or admin staff, or you know of someone who was either of these, please let me know.  There are not many left, time is short, and their stories must be told.

Joan Blackwell

Information is required by Ian & Caron Wilson of Bombphoons Vintage Aviation regarding ATA pilot Joan Blackwell.  Ian who has been a private collector for a great number of years has in his possession Joans flying boots and a number of other objects.  Ian would like to hear from anyone who had contact with Joan, was a friend, or was in the ATA with Joan. Please contact Ian at or Tel: 07969 051 573

 Flight Captain E H Robinson

Technical Instructor Edward Henry Robinson, was a familiar face at No 2 Ferry Pool Whitchurch between 1941-1945.  He was considered by his ATA superiors to be ' an enthusiastic highly technical instructor well liked by his pupils' and accordingly received promotion to flight captain.  He was also an innovator and showed determination to improve and simplify pilot and maintenance instructions during his ATA years, this was something he pursued with vigor and persistence.

Edward joined Imperial Airways about 1925 at Croydon Airport, and was a ground engineer/inpector and station superintendant across the southern route through Africa until 1936 when he returned to the UK with his wife and two young children.  Edward met his future wife in Cairo and they had married in 1933.  He was seconded from BOAC at Hythe and returned to them in 1945, where he further developed and established his planned maintenence systems to great effect, initially with the Argonaut, then further success across the whole range of BOAC aircraft.  At the time of his retirement he was a senior methods engineer, and  had established a highly respected technical name for himself and his system.  While in the ATA he was posted to No 1 Ferry Pool at White Waltham No 2 Whitchuch No 5 Luton and later No 5 Thame.

Can you remember Edward Henry Robinson, do you remember him at any of the Ferry Pools, if so please contact his son John at or through me at this web site.

Jenny (Jennie) Broad 1st Officer

Lawrence Roche who lives in rural Victoria Australia (250km north east of Melbourne) is searching for information about Jenny Broad, his aunt.  Jenny co-piloted a Dragon Rapide from England to Australia in December 1954 with Lawrence's uncle Frank Roche of 'Bush Pilot Airways' based in Cairns where they lived.  The aircraft was delivered to Cairns Aerial Ambulance Service, and fitted out for work in northern Australia.  Unfortunately Lawrence's uncle died in a crop dusting accident in December 1955 and the family lost contact with Jenny.  Lawrence has been working on his family history, particularly the aviation side, as his father, brother and himself are/were all pilots.  As he was very young at the time of his uncle's death, he was aware of Jenny's existance but knew nothing about her or her flying experience.  He has only just learnt that she was an ATA pilot, and that she passed away in June 2005 on Norfolk Island, where she had apparently lived for a number of years.

Lawrence would be greatful if someone out there knew more about this very talented lady.

From my records:  Jennie Broad 1st officer joined the ATA July 30th 1940 and she left the ATA June 11th 1943.  If you know of any living relatives of Jenny, please contact Lawrence Roche at: 

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